While the Dorothy O’Connor Pet Adoption Center (DOCPAC) is focused on improving the lives of the animals in our care and the families that they will join, we also understand that the inevitable death of your pet can be devastating.

At the Center, we understand the importance of handling your pet with both care and compassion. When it dies, be assured that your pet is treated with the respect that he or she deserves through the cremation services available here. Cremation is a humane and respectful manner for disposing of remains.

“People like closure. it’s not just a little dog or a kitten they are members of our family and that grief and loss that we feel without them being there, is real.”
– Kim Evans Phillips

Cremation Prices

Cremation prices vary, depending on your needs and budget, and include services with and without urns. Cremation can be coordinated with your local veterinarian (we have relationships with most area clinics) or can be offered to you personally
(we also have a designated shelter vet to guide us).

Your pet will be inurned in a columbarium:

an above-ground structure that houses cremated remains.
It is composed of small compartments, called niches. Each niche holds a single urn, securely sealed and placed in your pet’s final resting place.