Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting the Park

How often may I visit?
As a client, you are welcome and encouraged to visit MMPMP as often and as much as you like.
Do I have to notify anyone that I'm coming to visit?
No, clients are welcome to come and go at their leisure.
Am I able to visit after hours?
Yes, to access our locked facility after hours, a code will be given to you at the time of the contract signing.
May I bring other pets?
Other dogs are welcome and must be on a leash at all times.

Niche and Urn Considerations

May I choose which niche I purchase?
Yes, clients are able to select the location of the niche from what is available.
May multiple pets be inurned together in one niche?
Yes, so long as the urns fit properly and the niche can be sealed.
What types of pets may be entombed?
All animals may be entombed as long as they are in a sealed urn that meets the requirements.
Must I purchase my urn from MMPMP?
No. Personal urns may be used, provided they meet established criteria: 1) made of a non-biodegradable material, 2) approved by the facility prior to placement and 3) a size suitable for the niche.

Inurning my Pet

When can I place the urn?
We will contact you when the etching of the seal is complete and is ready to be placed on the niche.
Will I be able to see the seal before it is etched?
All etching are approved via digital image first, and can be emailed or printed for your approval.
Is there a service during placement and sealing?
Different ceremonial services are available upon request. A staff member must be with you during the placement and sealing of the niche. You’re welcome (& encouraged!) to plan a special ceremony or funeral services. Funeral services are very helpful for grieving your pet’s death.

”“The staff is absolutely awesome here. They’re all pet oriented and people oriented. They were very empathic and compassionate.”
– Carol Muller

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Military/Law Enforcement Service Animal

Entombment is available at no charge to the handler

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A columbarium is an organized arrangement of small compartments that act as the final resting place for someone who is cremated.